Breeding Project

Investment Opportunity

An unique investment opportunity

Bushbuck Hills Game Farm (BBH) offers the investor an unique opportunity to become part of one of South Africa’s fastest growing industries.

After the collapse of countries like Zimbabwe, Mozambique and Angola, Southern African biodiversity are under huge pressure. The loss of biodiversity has been one of the world´s most pressing crises over the years. It is estimate that the current species extinction rate is between 1,000 and 10,000 times higher than it would naturally be.

There is an enormous number of game species in South Africa and the African continent that have been affected by hunting, diseases and habitat loss. These drivers affect the game genetic quality and its population directly. That is why people are not able to see animals as big as they used to be in horn, tusk and body. On the other hand, prove is written inside hunting record books like Rowland Ward which shows how the top ten records are generally old dated. This phenomenon created the opportunity for South African game farmers to become leaders in ensuring the preservation of especially rare game species in Southern Africa.


Game Breeding Industry

The game breeding industry is considered as one of the finest and fastest growing industries in the world, experts think that not even the diamond industry and its amazing returns is a match for the South African game breeding turnover. The industry, in terms of turnover, has grown at a rate of 20% a year for the past 15 years and new record prices are reached every single year at the different auctions that take place.

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Breeding investment opportunity

Joint business ventures assisting diversity

Animals are in a top condition at all times

The way forward

We invite investors and organizations to participate in this exceptional wild-life breeding operation and to become part of one the finest and fastest growing industries in the world: the game breeding industry. Apart from the extraordinary returns that this industry actually offers due to its yearly constant growth, investors and organizations have the magnificent opportunity to join and experience a South African game breeding private program that contributes directly into species conservation.

We invite all interested investors to contact Bushbuck Hills for this exciting opportunity to become part of this breeding project.



Bushbuck Hills is 1720ha with a diverse type of habitat ideal for different species. Bushbuck Hills also developed intensive breeding camps with world class facilities. Plenty of water is available all over the farm.


Feeding of the animals

Bushbuck Hills consults on a continuous base with specialists in the field to ensure that the animals are in a top condition at all times. The farm manager has intensive knowledge on the different feeding programs for breeding and he monitors the animals on a daily basis. Animals are fed during all seasons to ensure their top condition.

We believe that with our current feeding program we can fully ensure that every animal is in peak condition in terms of:

  • horn growth
  • fertility
  • parasite control.


The investment plan

In order to meet every investor’s expectation, the breeding programme has a board managing the investment. The board decides, together with all the shareholders, on the species to be invested in. Plans differ from each another depending on the investor’s preferences and interests.

Different game species have different expected returns and depended on its actual market price, different terms apply with reference to the investment. The female pregnancy period differs across species which influences the type of investment plan.

Joint business ventures assisting investors to diversify

The joint venture arrangement is one of the most versatile business types, allowing individuals to invest alongside others yet keeping their individual identity for the purpose of ownership. Investing in rare game as a Joint Business Venture offers individuals a one-of-a-kind opportunity to share in the financial growth of this market sector. A Joint Business Venture option is available for investors who prefer to own their own independent investment. This is the most common investment option and is based on a progeny split of 50/50 between both genders and The Partner keeps 100% ownership of the specific selected breeding herd.

  • The Partner keeps 100% ownership of the specific selected breeding herd purchased by The Partner
  • BBH can assist The Partner by selecting an exceptional breeding herd from a reputable game breeder
  • BBH provides all the skills, land, infrastructure, feeding and expertise
  • BBH covers all on-going management expenses, veterinary services, medicines and vaccinations
  • Mortalities are managed and replaced by progeny. Insurance is available should The Partner wish to insure his animals through a reputable insurance broker at his own cost
  • The Partner will be allowed to visit his investment by appointment
  • The Partner may have potential tax benefits
  • The Partner will receive quarterly feedback and reporting Unlike stocks and bonds, rare game are real commodities that you can see, feel, enjoy and be proud of while doing your bit for South Africa’s conservation and biodiversity. A joint business venture in rare game is an effective way for even fractional owners to take part in a growing, lucrative and interesting enterprise.


Benefits of the project

  • The investor keeps full ownership of the animals and will receive benefits in price increase of the animals;
  • Animals are monitored on a daily basis;
  • Swartruggens is situated in a safe environment ;
  • World class breeding facilities and excellent management will ensure peace of mind to any investor;
  • Bushbuck Hills is well known in the hunting industry therefore ensuring a great market for hunting bulls;
  • The package includes professional advice and experience.;
  • The large quantity of high quality animals available on this farm, are definitely a benefit to future investors from a marketing perspective;
  • Foreign as well as local investors are welcome to be part of this exciting venture;
  • This is an environmental conscious investment giving you access to a well established and large game farm;
  • This is a lifestyle investment which you can see, feel, enjoy and be proud of while doing your bit for the environment in ensuring Africa’s great biodiversity.

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